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Since Trac H2O™ contains no total dissolved solids, it works in these unique ways when introduced into the water:

Trac H2O™ water treatment solution contains no TDS (total dissolved solids), is non toxic, non-corrosive and uses no caustics. By adding no TDS to the treated water, the water stays at a lower TDS and therefore, bleed is reduced.

Trac H2O™ will protect closed and open loop cooling systems and boilers from scale, corrosion and micro-biological growth by interrupting the ionization potential of these elements on an atomic level. When calcium/magnesium crystals and single cell organisms can not form, they can not combine and grow into a fouling and insulating coating that diminishes operating efficiency.

Trac H2O™ acts as a scale inhibitor by distorting the almost perfect cube shape of calcium carbonate as it precipitates out of solution. By distorting the uniform shape, it will not allow the calcium carbonate to build up (deposit) on itself. It will also over time remove existing scale in the system. Furthermore, it increases the solubility of scale causing minerals. This helps keep them in solution as opposed to depositing as scale.

Trac H2O™ sequesters iron and manganese preventing these minerals from forming oxides (rust) and precipitating out of solution, thus eliminating the red and black staining caused by iron and manganese.

Trac H2O™ combines with the calcium carbonate in the water forming a protective film on the insides of pipes and water fed equipment, which acts as a deterrent to corrosion and scale. This microfilm does not increase in thickness as it is continually washed off and replaced.

Trac H2O™ expands the specific gravity of the treated water, therefore reducing evaporation and resulting in using less makeup water.

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