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With today’s competitive markets, worldwide water shortages and increase cost to the environment caused by inefficient energy usage, the pressures to increase the reliability and efficiency of HVAC water systems by reducing water and energy consumption have never been greater.

ANTRAC TECHNOLOGIES INC's extensive experience in the industry as a leading provider of safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly solutions to scale removal lead us to migrate into the water treatment market. Year after year our customers called on our services to de-scale HVAC systems that where either chemically and mechanically treated, and therefore shouldn’t have required our descaling services

From those observations, we’ve engineered Trac H2O™, a revolutionary kind of chemical water treatment for cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems! Trac H2O™ is a true "green" single formula water treatment product! Single formula means no separate water softeners, anti-corrosion or biocide additives are needed

Trac H2O™ is environmentally and economically sound.

Unlike traditional water treatment that uses chemicals with high concentrations of total dissolved solids (TDS), TRAC H2O™ actually contains almost no solids at all. This results in unprecedented low TDS ratios and therefore less TDS to bleed down the sewer. Keeping system’s TDS at a very low ratio, dramatically reduces the amount of bleed needed to maintain the system scale free. Less water consumption translates in to savings!

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