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ANTRAC TECHNOLOGIES INC., has always been known in the industry as a leading provider of safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly solutions for scale removal. Taking it one step further ANTRAC has now engineered a revolutionary new kind of water treatment chemical for all water systems, TRAC H2O™!

Unlike traditional water treatment chemicals that clump solids together, TRAC H2O™ actually separates the solids, allowing the water molecule itself to absorb them. This results in unprecedented low TDS ratios. Probably the single best benefit for this is water savings which can reach up to 50%! Keeping system TDS at a very low ratio, dramatically reduces the amount of bleed needed in a system. Less water consumption translates in to savings!


Adapting a system to TRAC H2O™ water treatment is very simple. One small container of this "green" solution, a metering pump, and a conductivity meter is all you need to start saving money.

Another great benefit of this product is its efficiency; only .001% of the total systems gallonage is needed to treat a system. No large containers of toxic chemicals to store or handle.


TRAC H2O™ is safe for your maintenance personnel.
Based on current EPA guidelines, TRAC H2O™ is classified as non-flammable and meets all requirements regarding hazardous and dangerous materials.

Technical Data Sheet
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A printable copy of our Technical Data Sheet is available for this product, please click here for your copy.

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