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TRAC's Descaler™ is a safe biodegradable scale remover designed to dissolve fresh water scale which forms a rock-like build up inside water cooled equipment.

These deposits in your equipment’s cooling system greatly reduce it's heat transfer rate. As little as 1/64" of scale build up will reduce system efficiency by as much as 15%. Eventually this will result in system overheating.

Used at room temperature, Descaler™ can safely be re-circulated throughout your equipment. This mild solution penetrates hard to reach areas and removes years of scale built-up, restoring your system to its original condition.


Descaler™ can safely be used to remove scale from large equipment like boilers, cooling towers, condensers, chillers, heat exchangers, distillation towers and evaporators. Or smaller items such as parts, radiators, compressors, pumps and engine fresh water cooling systems.


As with all Trac products, Descaler™ is formulated to be safe for the users, their equipment and the environment. Used as directed Descaler™ will not harm most materials including, plastic, metal, rubber, fiberglass, vinyl, wood, or paint. However, care should be taken when Descaler™ is used with metals such as zinc anodes, tin, or galvanized materials.

Descaler™ is biodegradable & can be disposed of through a regular sewer system. It has passed the California Fish Toxicity Test, Department of Hazardous Substances (Title 22) & complies with NSF International standard 60. Based on current EPA guidelines, Descaler™ is classified as non-flammable and meets all requirements regarding hazardous and dangerous materials.

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